Combo Sticky Pad

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The Combo Sticky Pad comes with either Divider or Box options. The box comes with a solid feel as the box is thick. The Divider allows you to partition your items as well as print useful items on the panels, including a calendar or some images to promote your company.

Other features include:

  • You can easily stick and restick the Sticky Pads due to the strong sticking power
  • The Sticky Pads are 100% recyclable
  • Don’t forget things and important dates, use DM’s Sticky Pads to stick notes where you can easily find them
  • Help your team mates, colleagues and loved ones to easily find your notes or reminders

Specifications for the Combo Sticky Pad

Standard sheets:
50’s and 100’s per pad

Standard Sizes:
*25mm x 75mm
*50mm x 75mm
*67mm x 75mm
*75mm x 75mm
*100mm x 75mm
*100mm x 100mm
(*Glue Area)

You can order customised Combo Sticky Pad for your company or organisation. Customisation options includes:

  • Color
  • Branding
  • Size


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