Hard Cover Sticky Pad

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The Hard Cover Sticky Pad has a harder cover surface compared to the Soft Cover Sticky Pad. It allows you and your clients to bring it along without fear that the Sticky Pad will be affected by movement or being in the bag.

We recommend that you introduce the Hard Cover Sticky Pad to clients or organisations with a more corporate presence.

  • You can easily stick and restick the Sticky Pads due to the strong sticking power
  • The Hard Cover Sticky Pad uses water-based glue (Aquatack), in order to offer better resistance to heat, water and chemicals
  • The Sticky Pads are 100% recyclable
  • Don’t forget things and important dates, use DM’s Sticky Pads to stick notes where you can easily find them
  • Help your team mates, colleagues and loved ones to easily find your notes or reminders

Specifications for the Hard Cover Sticky Pad

Standard sheets:
50’s and 100’s per pad

Standard Sizes:
*25mm x 75mm
*50mm x 75mm
*67mm x 75mm
*75mm x 75mm
*100mm x 75mm
*100mm x 100mm
*100mm x 150mm
(*Glue Area)

You can order customised hard cover sticky pads for your company or organisation. Customisation options includes:

  • Color
  • Branding
  • Size


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